Personal Trainer Tips

10 Short Personal Trainer Tips To Give Your Clients

As a personal trainer, your main goal is to help your clients, either beginners or advanced exercisers, to achieve their exercise-related goals. A lot of spirited training sessions are therefore needed for fast and better results. But that does not mean you yell at your clients for more reps. Or use military style workouts to train them. This will only leave your client exhausted. With injuries. And worst of all, he/she will not have lost any weight or gained any muscle.

So how should you go about your training system? Well, the best answer is to engage your clients. Yes, you may have talked with your client about their goals. Shared some personal stories. And established a good professional relationship. But you need to do more than that. We sought out Gym To You in Adelaide to see what their best advice they can give other personal trainers, to pass onto their clients. Check out the 10 tips below…

“Focus on the long-term.”

Encourage your clients to stay focused on their goals. Help them create a vision board which they can refer to at home or work. This will keep them motivated to achieve what they want.

“Be specific of what you aim to achieve.”

To keep your clients healthy and fit, you need to work on their goals. Encourage clients to talk about their goals before, during and after the training.

“Stop making excuses; just get started.”

Personal trainers are always available to motivate and drive their clients to follow the best training routines and perform certain exercises to achieve their goals. Your main responsibility is to help your clients overcome barriers. Stay engaged. And show up for training sessions.

“Work on your form.”

Performing each work out correctly helps prevent injuries and achieve the best possible results. Advise your clients on how to develop and stick to a lifetime exercise routine, and guide them on how to train independently.

“Your health is important.”

Clients are always quick to improve their physical appearance. But on the way forget about their overall health. Your role is to help your client lead a long, happy and fulfilling life. And what better way than focusing on achieving their goals.  A great resource for this is the DrenchFit – exercise equipment for home reviews.

“Don’t overdo it.”

Back-breaking exercises do more harm than good to the body. Try to incorporate rest days and recovery methods in training sessions. If possible, encourage your client to try Yoga. Yoga will give them the rest they need in order to prevent muscle fatigue and injury.

“Be open.”

Your clients should stay honest and open with you in order to achieve maximum results. They should be comfortable sharing their feelings with you. And as a trainer, it is important to tweak the training program to align with your client’s personal needs.

“Challenging workouts are the best.”

High-intensity interval training (or HIIT) workout is essential for a full-body workout. HIIT improves performance. Increases metabolism. Requires little to no equipment. And can be done anywhere, anytime. Encourage your clients to try HIIT today!

“Don’t trust the scale.”

The scale lies. Even after shedding off some weight the scale may tell you otherwise. So ditch the scale and focus on your body – not your weight.

“Stay hydrated and nourished.”

Whether your clients are in to lose some pounds or tone up their muscles, a well-balanced diet can make or break their goals and their performance. So focus on staying hydrated and eating clean! For more information on Gym To You, visit their website at