Choosing Nutritional Supplements

How to choose nutritional supplements that actually work for your body?

Your health is your greatest wealth. And using nutritional supplements is your best bet to maintain this wealth. However, with thousands of supplements available – each promising to offer healthy solutions to people – choosing the right nutritional supplement can be overwhelming and nerve wracking. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of things to consider when choosing supplements that work.

Know what you need

Your nutritional requirements depend on your age. The kinds of food you eat. Any medical conditions you have. And the health problems you are at risk of.

Do your homework

Research what each nutritional supplement does, plus its risks and benefits. Just because people are talking about a supplement or you read about it on a blog, does not mean it is necessarily safe. Even “natural” supplements may cause bad reactions to your body. Likewise, some supplements don’t mix safely with medications. When in doubt about a supplement’s effects or about mixing supplements with drugs, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

Look for ingredients

Supplements usually list all active and inactive ingredients. Inactive ones include flavourings, colourings, coatings, and binders. Some are needed to make the supplement easy to swallow or hold it together. However, others are unhealthy and unnecessary additives. These include artificial colours, artificial flavours, preservatives, additives and sugar (sucrose). Active ingredients are clinically proven to support health, and they usually make supplements more effective. These include vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and other natural substances. When purchasing a supplement online or from a store, make sure it has the nutrients/ingredients you’re looking for and that are proven to work.

Dosage level

Some supplements have really good ingredients, but the amount of each ingredient is too small to have a therapeutic effect. Before you go shopping, it’s important to know the recommended dosages for key nutrients, so that you can identify the ideal supplements to take. Avoid supplements with labels that exhibit a proprietary blend and fair dusting to mask ineffective ingredients.

Cost vs. Value

Look for quality, not price. Don’t buy mail-order or dirt-cheap brands without learning something about the supplement company and carefully reading labels. Beware of manufacturers or suppliers of discount products. They may use improper nutrient forms, inadequate dosages, or other cost-saving measures to make their products look cheaper. Also, pay attention to [cost per pill] rather than [cost per bottle].

Reputable manufacturers

Choose a company you can trust. Browse the company’s website or contact their customer service personnel to learn more about the company. Similarly, look at their supplement labels to know the ingredients and nutrient forms they include in their products. If you’re in Adelaide, head down to Extreme Nutrition and they will be happy to give you some advice on what manufacturers to use. They even have some tips & advice on this topic on their YouTube channel.

Seek expert help

Don’t be afraid to talk to a nutritionist, doctor, supplement store employee or savvy friend about a certain type of supplement. Ask them what the benefits of the product are. What risks it has. How much of it, you should take. And how long you should take it.

Check for seals of approval

Last but not least, look for quality assurance. Seals of quality, assure that a supplement is accurately labelled, free from contamination and its ingredients are of high quality.

Now you’re set to get your body back on track!