Pushups training program

  • Are you looking for simple yet effective fitness exercise?

  • Want to do your exercise anywhere, anytime, in just 5 minutes?

  • Tired of paying for gyms and trainers?

 Pushups are basic exercise used in athletic and fitness training.

There is no way I could manage 100 pushups at once you’re thinking? Well, I say you can! Stick with our pushups training program and you will be doing 100 push ups in few weeks.

Pushups completely build muscles of the chest, arms and shoulders, they have big benefits to deltoids (upper back muscles),  and they also develop lower back and stomach muscles. Pushup is one of the seven primary calisthenic exercises.

If you follow our pushups training program, YOU will be able to do 100 pushups at once! Guaranteed.


  • It takes only few minutes a day,
  • It is absolutely free – no charge for the plan,
  • No costs for fitness centers – you can do it anywhere – home, office, garden, gym…
  • You don’t need any equipment
  • Very simple to follow
  • Your chests will look like you are a PRO!